When Your Friend's House Is Messed UP

These people thought they knew their friends... until they visited their homes, and realized that their houses were extremely unsettling, weird, or just plain messed UP.

1. That’s Not A Basement

I helped a buddy pull an engine, load it onto his truck, and then move it from his truck into his garage. His garage smelled awful. While moving the engine, I happened to slip and fall, noticing something terrifying in the process. His garage was essentially his basement, on dirt, no concrete or anything. His main sewage pipes were suspended under the house by twine.

There was a large hole dug in the ground and one pipe went straight down into the hole, but ended about 3' down. I asked him what was going on, and he told me that's how the house was when he bought it.

Apparently, the house was built long before the city put in sewers, and there was no septic tank either. The previous owner had dug a tunnel under the house leading to a storm drain.

How this passed inspection is beyond me. Maybe the inspector assumed there was a septic tank down there or something. But, that didn’t explain the big hole around the pipe.

Apparently, it would get clogged up with toilet paper and they had to dig it out with shovels.

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2. Quite The Sight

I went over to a neighbour's house in the 90s, a few months after we moved into the neighbourhood. They had a son who was a year younger than me and a daughter who was four years younger than her brother.

We were hanging out in the garage passing a hockey puck around when we decided to take a break and have a slight snack.

The brother was eating a chocolate bar of some kind and was finishing his last mouthful when his sister walked in the garage and wanted some of the candy, even though it was basically gone. This is where it gets weird. Her brother jokingly sticks out a portion of chewed up chocolate bar and asks her if she still wants some.

She replies with a serious, "yes,” and he precedes to transfer some of his pre-chewed chocolate bar directly into his sister’s mouth like a bird!

To this day, I have a hard time not visualizing them french kissing a chewed up chocolate bar when I see them at their parents house visiting.

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3. House Comes With A Map

My childhood friend’s house had a series of tunnels, secret passages and hidden rooms. He  thought it was perfectly normal and couldn’t explain why his parents had turned his average looking home into a maze.

For a visitor, finding a bathroom or even the kitchen was frustrating. The owners were amused by it though. So weird.

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4. Dirty Doesn’t Begin To Describe It

My best friend's parents never cleaned the house. All the cleaning that ever happened in that house was when the children were doing their chores, which the parents paid them for. There were crumbs, dust bunnies, stains and general dirt everywhere. There was cutlery lying in random places on the floor of the house. No one ever did laundry and there were dirty clothes piles all over the place. But that wasn't all.

They had a cat and a dog at the time so there was also a lot of hair and cat litter, as well as crumbs from their dry food all across the floors.

There were three bedrooms, and this family consisted of a mom and a dad and their six children, two of which had moved out. One of the bedrooms didn't have a door because it had broken and no one bothered fixing it.

There were two bathrooms, but out of the two bathrooms, only one was functioning and the door wasn't lockable. The one that wasn't functioning, well, it was just sitting there.

They could've at least turned the non bathroom into a storage or something. The beds didn't have clean sheets, and all the pillows and blankets were old and lumpy.

I hated visiting my best friend for all these reasons but she didn't seem to understand why I never wanted to come over. The few times I actually went to her house it always felt like something stuck to your socks every step you took.

The floor always seemed to be moist or something and the dishes were piling up in the kitchen, despite then having a dishwasher. That house was gross. I hated it.

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