Entire Lives Ruined In An Instant

You make thousands of decisions every day. Most of them, you'll never think about again. Some will haunt you for the rest of your life. All it took was a single moment and these people's lives were never the same.

1. He Didn’t Use His Head

One of my high school classmates (a kicker on the football team) was at a party at a friend's house on the very last day of school in his senior year.

The house was on a lake, and he decided to run off the end of the pier and jump head-first into the lake. Unfortunately, the water was a foot deep. He never walked again.

Lives destroyed


2. Not The Brightest Light

So a friend of mine’s kid was really excited because he just got his license. He’d even saved up enough money for a new car and bought it right away. The thing is, he forgot to save enough money to buy insurance as well.

So he bought the car anyway and decided to drive without insurance. On his first trip out he hit an electrical infrastructure box. Without insurance, he was up for $120,000 and went bankrupt.

Lives destroyed


3. Burnt And Fired In One Night

Bartending in Atlanta, had a group come in that was in town from Minneapolis for a work conference. We got them a round then realized how hammered most of them were and cut off the group.

The head honcho was everybody's boss (I believe he owned the company, he was the only one in his right mind because he was leading the conference the next day, cool guy actually).

Anyway the group decided to get a ride to a dancer club to keep the party going, and I got them some chips and queso to munch on in lieu of drinks. The queso comes out and the drunkest guy thought it was soup.

He wanted to test this hypothesis by putting the skillet to his lips and burning his mouth on it, it was ugly.

The head honcho jokingly said, "I never should have hired you, you dummy." That's when the night took a turn. His inebriated employee immediately punches him in the teeth—harder than you'd expect a dude who can barely stand to be able to hit. The head honcho goes to the bathroom with a bloody mouth and a tooth in his hand, and the rest of the group got buddy outta there.

So in a matter of seconds this guy turned a fun night into 2nd degree burns and a trip to unemployment. I would imagine he was hard pressed to find another job in that field. I miss bartending.

Lives destroyed


4. She Was Defeated By A Bull

My ex-girlfriend used to dream of being a flight attendant. A few years later—long after we'd parted ways—she finally saw that dream come true and got herself an assignment based out of another city.

I hit her up to congratulate her and give her some advice for moving to that city cause I'd spent a fair amount of time there.

Included in my advice was a specific warning to stay out of a certain bar. Well, after a couple months of training she was a week into the job when she decided to go to the bar I had warned her about. It was the biggest mistake of her life. You see they have a mechanical bull there that is out of control. She hopped on the mechanical bull, made it for about a half of a second before she got tossed off.

Her neck hit a table, leaving her a quadriplegic. She did eventually regain limited use of her legs, and fairly good use of her arms, but she will never work again, and lives in her aging parents' spare bedroom.

It's really sad, but she had a pretty long history of impulsively making poor choices (which probably included dating me, lol).

Lives destroyed